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Kids Gifts Guide Under 25€

by Agnė from Agnera 

Choosing Christmas gifts is a unique and special experience for everyone - buyers are looking for lovely gifts and sellers are trying to make orders on time. Sometimes you need to find special handmade gifts on a budget. And it is no problem - there are lots of lovely gifts for kids under 25 €

Felt kids crown by StripedCoast

Rolling pin by DoughRoller

Crochet toy dear by KnittedFriend

Decorative pillow by Debesy

Baby clothing by NoisyForest

Gingerbread earrings by DzyDzydesign

Silicone teething toy from EcoTeething

Baby gift set by BaybeeZone

Wooden puzle by PromiDesign

Plush bunny by EmmuKids

Amber teething necklace by DropOfAber

Elephant print by Dagilis

Baby gift idea by MadeByUgne

Animal pin by FoxintheMist

Nursery doll from SmallMiraclesDolls

Travel pillow by TINGUlt

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