2017 m. lapkričio 11 d., šeštadienis

Pink. 10 things Sunday

 Tekle from Catsandillustrations   

    Who could believe that pink color will be so popular? Time ago this color was associated only with „Barbie“ dolls and young girls. And today it occupying our hearts and life. From clothes to homes and social media. You've seen pink color everywhere: Backgrounds of inspirational Instagram quotes,  beauty product packaging, jewelry, home decoration, clothes  — this is the year of millennial pink! All kind of pink shades from fuchsia to bubblegum and coral.  

Even Lithuanian creators don't deteriorate pink color. In their Etsy stores you can find all kind of pink shades.  And you could choose from the wide selection of items with this color - from clothes, jewelry to even Cat house!

„You can never go wrong with a little pink....
                                                a lot works too.“

                                                                                   Dana Dalgetty

Pink Ceramic sauce bowl by MrBowlCeramics

Softened pink linen napkins by CozyLinen

Natural linen storage basket by alabatis

Crochet kids pouf by 2stitich 

Crochet wooden teething toy by BaybeeZone

Felted baby booties by MusiuMuse

Soft sculpture big pink pig by adatine

Pink wool cat bed by AgnesFelt

pink flower ceramic stud earrings by AisteJewelryDesigns

Linen dress by SondeflorShop

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