2018 m. liepos 18 d., trečiadienis

Perfect Sense - Gift guide

Agnė from AMWireArt

Sometimes all world seems too loud, too busy, too strange. These moments just increase the distance and then you know better, exactly, what calms you, warms and gives that prolonged perfect sense. You want clarity, purity, something slower, something right to the point. You want to become a spiritual flower. You want to become real you and perfect simplicity becomes your religion.

Add a luxurious exfoliating body scrub to your regular skincare routine.
Organic cotton lingerie set - because your soft skin deserves the best touch.
Zero waste vegan natural makeup - perfect gift for yourself.
Bare your soft beautiful shoulders with this romantic linen dress.
Soft viscose dress for more delicate and modest look.
Linen skirt for casual days.
Little birds in your ears are like prophets of your inner Goddess.
A little delicate flower accent - soft color ceramic pendant.
Sensual shade amber bracelet
So that nothing would be missing choose this flower bouquet and dive into the ocean of natural smell with these 100 percent natural and vegan botanical perfume.

You are a natural flower. Be happy. Be you!

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