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DIY time: magic stick!

Gintare from Minicamplt
Pictures by Raimonda Vysnia and Daine Photography

If you are a parent and have a daughter, most probably at one point of your life you'll hear that she wants to be a princess or fairy. Or even better... she wants a magic wand, so that she could wave it and... have all the sweets of the world, travel to one place to another within a minute, watch movies all day long, do not attend nursery etc. etc. etc... 😊

When the day comes, find some time, some left over fabric, a chop stick, beads, glue, invite your fairy-to be to join and lets make a unique magic stick!

You will need:

Start with a piece of paper to draw (print) the desired form (e.g. a star, a heart, a lotus, etc.).

Cut the shape out of the fabric you have

You will need 2 pcs. of the fabric

Sew or glue the 2 pieces together, leaving a hole at the bottom

You can sew the good side up, unless you want it to look super neat.

Put some polly fill or cotton through the hole at the bottom

The result should look something like this

Prepare different ribbons, strings, beads and bells

Put all the details of the decoration into one and tie it together

Insert into the fabric part

Time for a stick - if you do not have a stick that fits, use a chop stick. Insert the stick into the fabric part

Finish with hot glue gun (carefully - very hot!)
Volee! Your last minute gift is ready

Time for the stars!

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