2018 m. spalio 9 d., antradienis

Pile of Pillows

Saulė Troboje

Days get shorter and colder, outdoor activities are pushed to the second plan and hot beverages, tv series, cozy nooks and books takes over the weekends and evenings.

Cute coasters, wool blankets and candles are the must have accessories for a snug on a sofa, but most important things are pillows! Lots of pillows! Tons of them.
All I want to do is to fall Into pile of pillows.

Here we have a selection of cushions and pillows to fit any interior, style and taste.

Luxuriously soft linen pillowcase striped in off-white and oatmeal.

Premium handmade decorative velvet pillow.

Crocheted Decorative Wool Pillows.

Rectangular ivory floor cushion pouf.

Linen Sofa Pillow.

Decorative linen pillow cover with 19th century bird print. 

Linen pillowcase with ribbon ties.
Rustic linen pillow covers.

Large and pillow shaped pouf.

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