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Designer Collars from Sighthound Squad

Saulė from Troboje

Sighthound Squad is quite a new brand inspired by dogs and nature. Founded only in early October of 2017, already managed to win the hearts of dog owners all over the globe.
Two ladies Bernadeta and Karolina met on Instagram and a borzoi Fargo, a greyhound Olivia and a saluki Luna started their wild adventures in the fields and forests of Lithuania. Soon enough the team of three dogs and two women were known between dog lovers as a Sighthound Squad.

Everyone who owns an active dog and spends a lot of time outdoors, knows how unappealing collars and leashes get after a good, muddy walk, leather collar gets stretched out and it’s hard to get stains out of it. After some research, they discovered a Beta BioThane, a leather-like material, sturdy, durable and long-lasting. 
This revolutionary material has the look and feel of leather, but is made of a strong polyester webbing that is coated in PVC and needs no maintenance at all. It outperforms leather, standard nylon or other material leashes and collars in the worst conditions and has a breaking strength of 1000lbs per square inch. A Beta BioThane is known as "unicorn leather" because it’s a magical substance, vegan approved, trusted brand for sports leagues, space, and military organisations and it’s a product of USA. BioThane simply wipes clean and doesn't absorb dirt or smell, it means you are finally free from cleaning, drying and protecting the collar. The two of you can enjoy all weathers, different environments and adventures, without fear of damaging these beautiful collars and leashes made by Sighthound Squad. 
Bernadeta is a photographer, working on customer service and marketing strategies, Karolina in charge of branding, patterns and design for collars and leashes, Fargo, Luna and Olivia are excellent models.
Every collar is made to order and is available in endless color combinations on Etsy shop.

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  1. great idea:) Pets always have an important part in our hearts and we are happy to spent e little bit for their needs:)