2018 m. gegužės 19 d., šeštadienis

One Ride Away from a Good Mood

Saulė from Troboje

Since a "running machine" Draisine was invented in 1817, it never lost its popularity. It changed a lot since first models were presented and evolved into widely spread, commonly used type of transportation. 
Nowadays you can't imagine summer without a bike, riding around the town, pedaling from a farmers market with a basket full of fresh vegetables and flowers, meeting a friend downtown or getting some exercise while commuting to work. It is not only a way of getting from point A to point B, it is an accessory reflecting on your personality and style. 
Today I have a list of designer made bicycle accessories and gifts for a cycling enthusiast. Starting with unique tool bags, bottle holders, bicycle covers made for city dwellers to travel backpacks, satchels, cycling apparels, accessories, raincoats for explorers or ceramic mugs or wall art to those who like to chill after a good ride. 
So dust your two-wheeled friend and let's ride!
Nordhale Bicycle Bag

Leather Bike Bottle Holder by BikeMeStore

Roll Up Top Backpack from Velotton

Hoodel Raincoat Jacket found at Welovefuss

Triangle Leather Bicycle Tool Bag by StudioImpossibilis

Velo Tool Bag from StudioImpossibilis

Eco Fi Bicycle Badge from AmyPanda

Floral Bicycle Print by KataKiosK

Bicycle Cover made by pitex

Ceramic Mug from MutedShop

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