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Etsy Lithuania Christmas Pop'Up 2018

Saulė Troboje

    Last weekend we had an amazing celebration – Etsy Christmas Pop'up in Vilnius, Lithuania. The event took place in a lovely community place called 'Miesto Laboratorija', located in a historical park. There was a coffee bar, some food to order and a wood ornament workshop for the little ones.

    The selection of seller was wide: starting with beautiful ceramics, felted goods, unique jewelry, original prints, candles, toys and linen goods for the home.
All counters had something to offer in a different price range and sizes, for every type of customer.
But the best thing was a community feeling, like a friends gathering, warm and cozy, filled with laughter and joy, a time well spent indeed.

    Kotryna from MusiuMuse
I enjoyed my first chance to get in touch with my followers and some new clients too. It was a big surprise to me, someone is coming just because follows me on my social media. To have a chat with my market table neighbours was a big pleasure too. The atmosphere and a feeling we are a united community was great.

Greta from DzyDzydesign
As the team captain, I always try to push our team to do more things. Just like this Christmas popup, that we organized for the first time. It was a beautiful Saturday to get together and celebrate the community of Lithuanian crafters. I want to thank everyone who helped me organize the with event, with the venue, with the advertising and everything else because it's not an easy thing to do. Also I want to thank everyone who believed in us and participated in our popup. I think these kind of events are very necessary for us as a community of makers. Because when you have an online business it can get a little bit lonely sometimes. So getting together in such events truly builds up a stronger bond in our team.
Viktorija from Avontuur
It was amazing to participate in Etsy Pop Up Fair mostly because we got a chance to talk with people who are interested in our backpacks, to see their emotions and just simply to talk to them. This fair was the first for Avontuur. We learnt so much, met a lot of interesting people and can't wait to participate in other fairs to share our works with people.

Photo credits - Audra Zili and Gedimina Šalkauskaitė

Miesto Laboratorija
LessCandles and ZwoodZ
DzyDzydesign and BohoBow
Miesto Laboratorija
Miesto Laboratorija

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  1. Puikus renginys ir labai jaukus. Šaunuoliai organizatoriai ir dalyviai ❤❤❤

  2. aciu uz irasa! smagu buvo pamatyti foto, atrodo labai jaukiai :)

  3. buvo puiku:) Manau labai svarbu pats buvimas kartu ir bendravimas. Finansiniai reikalai ateis po to:)