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Advent Calendar for... pets

Gintarė Minicamplt

I am sure today is the day when your Facebook or Instagram feed is full of pictures with wonderful advent calendars for little ones. And what about your best four legged friends??

I made a list of 24 terrific presents your pets would be happy for. Sorry in advance, some of them will not be the size to fit your Advent Calendar ;)) But I hope you'll find some great ideas for Christmas presents, too.


Day 1

Let's start with the basics. Climbing rope leash from TYDFAW

Day 2

Adding some fun to your kittie's life. Handmade felt toys from elevele

Day 3

Personalized gifts are always super welcome! Pet feeder from MrBowlCeramics

Day 4

Extraordinary pet cave from Danutafelt

Day 5

I will always keep you warm! A soft snood from MadeByFrancie

Day 6

We will not forget the little ones! A small pet basket from PetDreamShop

Day 7

A special house with feeding bowls from ECONAMAI

Day 8

What about baking some custom shaped dog cookies?? Get one from imagineacookie

Day 9

A perfect hat to dress up for Christmas party. You will find one at BestDogRaincoats

Day 10

Cozy natural wool basket from BureBurePets

Day 11

Raw amber pet collar from DreamPaws

Day 12

Just in case your pet is a horse! Saddle pad from SagittariusCraft

Day 13

Super fancy colar from SighthoundSquad

Day 14

Bon appetit! A felted cat toy from IndreNaujokiene

Day 15

When you have pets from mother nature. A perfect bird feeder from promidesign

Day 16

Sailing rope leash from Shkertik

Day 17

Cat hammock from Saveplace

Day 18

What if your pet is a horse vol. 2. Beautiful accessory from EquiEarsLT

Day 19

Can you already feel that Christmas mood? Felted cat cage from AgnesFelt

Day 20

Large dog bed from Minicamplt

Day 21

So that we'd always be together! Carrier bag from MuffinAndBerry

Day 22

A perfect addition to a Christmas party! Let's shine it through! Shiny collar from Baltasvejascollars

Day 23

Of course, one can not forget himself. A perfect gift for a dog lover from SuperPrintShop

Day 24

A bag, to always carry your pet's memory with you. From pitex

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  1. Amazing items for pets and their lovers!Thank You, Gintare ;)

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