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Featured shop: Musiu Muse

Pastels, glitter and soft wool.
If you ever wondered how princess slippers looks like, you should definitely visit MusiuMuse shop on Etsy. Theses cute and dreamlike footwear will leave you breathless. All made from wool for babies, little fancy girls and adult women by a mother of two Kotryna.

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"My husband has curly hair. My both daughters has curly hair... But I don't! So I just had to start working with something that would compensate this little misunderstanding :) Beautiful curly sheep...

Originally I am archaeologist and also worked as a restorer of archaeological artifacts (ancient wood and pottery) until I become a mom. Felting is ancient technique, so it perfectly fits to me. However, I do it in a modern way
" - says Kotryna.

"I create mostly indoor footwear made from pure wool. It suitable to wear at home or in the office. Wool has unique ability to control human temperature so it is great in almost all season of the year. My youngest clients can enjoy wearing tiny felted booties made from extra fine and soft merino wool. The bottom part of slipper and in some models front as well are covered with special purpose silicone rubber. It is durable, safe for babies (especially if they put in their mouth) but slightly slippy on wet surfaces, such as wet ceramic tiles. I'm still searching for best."

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