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Gift ideas for your pet-crazy-friends!

Gintare from minicamplt

I can bet, that you, who is reading this text right now, have a pet. Well, ok, if not you personally, then your mother, a close friend, or a neighbor. There are around 54 million pets (!) in UK only (2017 data), and so 44% of UK households own at least one pet, the number is 65 % in the USNot hard to guess, most popular are dogs, cats, rabbits and fishes. 

So leaving the statistics, I’d say a pet related present for Christmas, Birthday or similar occasion will be a perfect solution for at least half of our fellas!

To help with that, I created a awesome list of etsy makers, suggesting creations, that are all about our furry (and not so) friends:

 If you are visiting a new born of your French-bulldog frenzy friends, will set from MONOFACES will be just a perfect shot

A couple of your friends met in a petshop when looking for a litter to their bunnies? This bunny wall art from FlamingoForest is what they will really like! 

Loving your cat so much that can not stop thinking about it at a workplace? Get yourself a cat shaped desk organizer from CatInTheBasket 

 Cat faced woolen slippers from VilmaFelting to your momma 

Whistles were best toys of our childhood. Give one to your smaller sibling. From TheArtsofClay

Ran out of the ideas what to give to your grandmother for Christmas? Remember, happy kitty = happy granny! Felted toys from DreamPaws

Dreaming of comfortable way of travelling with your dog-baby? Then this pink front carrier from MuffinAndBerry is just for you!

Cats everywhere? Then kitchen also! Cat print linen tea towels from LinenHomeShop

Dachshund crazy? Grab this mug from Artbyasta

Love your pet so much that could hang a portrait by your bed? Have one drawn by Myminifam

Know someone oldschool enough to taking notes by hand? A pencil holder might make them smile, by DKfromlinen

Pet and Christmas perfect jumper from Tiulpe

Shopping together with your cat? Why not, even when it's printed on your shopping bag. By pitex

And again... Perfect for cat and humour friendly friend ;) By CATSandillustrations

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  1. Super cool! Especially the pink front carrier for a baby dog 😍

  2. So nice gifts! I love them all :) but my fav is a desk organizer from Cat in a basket :)

  3. Such a wonderful idea for gifts collection! So cool!

  4. Amazon collection!!! Love it :) Thanks for featuring my cat basket!

  5. Thank you very much for adding our item! It's a pleasure to be in this list!

    With kindest regards,
    Ruta and Danute (DKfromlinen)

  6. Incredible gift ideas, thanks a lot!