2017 m. gruodžio 27 d., trečiadienis

Stars. 10 things Wednesday (Sunday)

 Tekle from Catsandillustrations

"Twinkle, twinkle, little star

How I wonder what you are

Up above the world so high

Like a diamond in the sky

Twinkle, twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are...."

For me stars always was one of the favorite figure and associated with fairy tales, magic and mystery. 
And 2017 years stars was one of popular trends. 
Especially in all women’s product categories, inspiring prints, patterns, graphics and applique that decorate items ranging from footwear and jewelry to denim.
But we can admit that other items with stars looks also amazing and magical.
So look at those wonderful all kind of product with stars from wonderful Etsy creators.

Black dress with sequin stars by WardrobeByDulcinea

Pink nursery mobile decor by CotandCot
Cancer Zodiac digital print by WhiteMoth

Star ear climber earring by BYLIAJEWELS

White star pillow by ProstoConcept

 Star with Wirehaired Dachshund by KolibriArtGlass

Christmas tablecloth by LinenByBlueNaive

Natural Christmas ornament by kaleda

Handmade candleholder by CreativePandaStudio

Wooden stood earrings by PromiDesign

2017 m. gruodžio 13 d., trečiadienis

Gift ideas for your pet-crazy-friends!

Gintare from minicamplt

I can bet, that you, who is reading this text right now, have a pet. Well, ok, if not you personally, then your mother, a close friend, or a neighbor. There are around 54 million pets (!) in UK only (2017 data), and so 44% of UK households own at least one pet, the number is 65 % in the USNot hard to guess, most popular are dogs, cats, rabbits and fishes. 

So leaving the statistics, I’d say a pet related present for Christmas, Birthday or similar occasion will be a perfect solution for at least half of our fellas!

To help with that, I created a awesome list of etsy makers, suggesting creations, that are all about our furry (and not so) friends:

 If you are visiting a new born of your French-bulldog frenzy friends, will set from MONOFACES will be just a perfect shot

A couple of your friends met in a petshop when looking for a litter to their bunnies? This bunny wall art from FlamingoForest is what they will really like! 

Loving your cat so much that can not stop thinking about it at a workplace? Get yourself a cat shaped desk organizer from CatInTheBasket 

 Cat faced woolen slippers from VilmaFelting to your momma 

Whistles were best toys of our childhood. Give one to your smaller sibling. From TheArtsofClay

Ran out of the ideas what to give to your grandmother for Christmas? Remember, happy kitty = happy granny! Felted toys from DreamPaws

Dreaming of comfortable way of travelling with your dog-baby? Then this pink front carrier from MuffinAndBerry is just for you!

Cats everywhere? Then kitchen also! Cat print linen tea towels from LinenHomeShop

Dachshund crazy? Grab this mug from Artbyasta

Love your pet so much that could hang a portrait by your bed? Have one drawn by Myminifam

Know someone oldschool enough to taking notes by hand? A pencil holder might make them smile, by DKfromlinen

Pet and Christmas perfect jumper from Tiulpe

Shopping together with your cat? Why not, even when it's printed on your shopping bag. By pitex

And again... Perfect for cat and humour friendly friend ;) By CATSandillustrations

2017 m. gruodžio 11 d., pirmadienis

Handmade Christmas Tree Ornaments

By Miglė from Milicrafts

One of the dilemmas we face before Christmas is how to decorate  the Christmas tree. There are enormous variety of ornaments to choose from. But are they unique? Do they have any additional value? Our team wants to introduce to you best of the best handmade ornaments, that can be carried through generations.

Modern classic porcelain ornaments inspired by geometric figures that can be incorporated in all styles and themes decorations. Porcelain Ornaments by WOWporcelain.

Invite a polar bear to your home  with Linen Fabric Ornament with Eco Print by Forestfeeling.

Believe that anything is possible and all the dreams comes true with unicorn ornaments. Ceramic Unicorn Hanging Decorations by MadeByUgne.

Scented sachets and Christmas ornaments in one. Decorate your home with fabulous Christmas fragrances. Scented Linen Fabric Christmas Ornaments by MiLiCrafts.

Rustic, natural and woodland all in one. Natural and eco-friendly stars made from fir bark collected at a coastal forest. Fir Bark Christmas Stars by Kaleda.

Little guardian angels watching for you from the Christmas tree will protect you and bring true Christmas spirit to your home. Hand Painted Wooden Ornaments by GoodMoodWoods.

You will never miss by choosing woodland theme for Christmas decorations and what can be better than this cute little fox on the bauble. Decoupage Christmas Ornament by DumontsHandicrafts.

White Christmas with snowflakes falling down is so beautiful and even if you never have snow during festive season these crochet snowflakes can be a perfect replacement. Crochet Snowflakes by SnowflakesStories.

It sparkles in a different way. The ball is decorated with natural Baltic amber, which is the stone of love, warm, success and family. Christmas Baubles with Baltic Amber by AMBERSMILEboutique.

Coloring Christmas ornaments is a fun activity and great family time together. And the most important thing is that you will have one of the kind ornaments and great memories.
Coloring Christmas Tree Ornaments by CicadeShop.

2017 m. gruodžio 3 d., sekmadienis

Hygge Sunday. Christmas preparations at home

by Greta from Dzydzydesign
Photo Credits by Simona from Cozylinen

Let's say Hello to December, our old friend. Can you believe the year it's almost over? It seems only a few months ago there was spring, and now there's so little time left in this year. And though time is very limited, this month has many magical things to smile about. But the most special one is advent. It's the time full of waiting, of dreaming and full of hope. Hope of a better days, hope of healing and of course hope of a miracle.

So let's put all our worries aside and  start feeling festive. Let's enjoy this very hygge Sunday with all the necessary Christmas preparations and home decorations. Light up your first Advent wreath candle, and if you don't have one, maybe this Sunday is just the perfect time to make one at home.

Linen apron and tablecloth by CozyLinen

Natural Christmas ornaments by Kaleda

Alpaca wool dress by Designbygus

Scented Candle with birch bark by MiliCrafts

Christmas serving dish by MrBowlCeramics

Christmas wedding ring box by Kaleda

Felted acorn ornaments by Vart

Natural wool legwarmers by Woolenclogs

Leather tote bag by DingoM

Ceramic Christmas tree decoration by CozyHomeIdeas