2017 m. lapkričio 5 d., sekmadienis

Re(up)cycled living

By Kate from KnittyStories and
Gintare from MiniCamplt

This text cannot start otherwise than mentioning the 3 great R: reuse, reduce and recycle. The easiest (or not so!) thing everyone of us can do to help ourselves live more sustainable and resource saving life is (just) buying less. But what comes next you ask?

Imagine I woke up today and decided to only buy planet friendly things. I am talking about gadgets, interior details, clothes, accessories, toys, furniture and even more.

I imagine, you imagine the same as I did - shapeless, shaggy and colour-of-recycled-paper things!

But then... Let me surprise you. A collection of consciously made etsy items!

Recycled wood cup by StepasWood

Panda Clock by Poppyofficial

Reclaimed oak wood clock by WoodRusticDecor

Small plant bag, made of recycled tarpaulins by NOTTRASHshop

Recycled Teddy Bear by NeriAtelier 
Denim sunglasses from PropWood

Upcycled Denim Vest by Yours Again

Art map by wendygold

Phone cover from scate4create

Unique lamp made from cardboard from FORMMA

Upcycled pallet pencil block from UrbonaviciusDESIGN

Art print from NotMuchtoSay

Eco bag from ShyzukaLeatherBags

Upcycled leather bag from LFantasy

Felt slippers with recycled sari decor from BureBureSlippers
Paper Pen from recycled paper by MiLiCrafts

7 komentarai:

  1. I love the recycling ideas <3 There are such beautiful things that can be made of re-purposed, upcycled things!

  2. It was pleasure to find all this things - some of those really surprised me! :)

  3. Super list, I am excited to be in ;) Thank you for including, a lot of beautiful stuff.

  4. love green ideas:) Future is in our hands.