2017 m. lapkričio 7 d., antradienis

The morning of night queen

by Benedikta from lapelisstudio

In each of us hides night queen, but before night awaits a long day full of little joys. This is a morning story of one of them.

Deep blue eyes full of galaxies still closed...

 Last dreamy moment in your soft linen. 

Autumn chill wants to keep you in bed, but today is the day! Smell of coffee lingers around. You feel soft touch and loving hands gives you a cup of black elixir. Your palms feels warmth and lips kisses golden promise of excellent taste. 

You feel rush of energy inside your body. You hear music, you want to dance. Morning vibes takes over your body. Black linen robe covers your naked body.

You slip out of bed to your shining slippers and dance, enjoying every moment of this morning.

Grey felted slipper with glitter from MusiuMuse

It is time to dress and  start day worth of the queen. Who said that star skirts is not for the mornings?

Black tulle skirt from WardrobeFromDulcinea

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