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Moon, Stars & Clouds For Kidsroom

Gintarė from Minicamplt

Every year new shapes and patterns become a big trend in the design world. I am talking about monsteras, llamas, cactuses and so on! But there are some objects that are always a hit - no matter yearly trends. Moon, stars and clouds are perfect for kids room decor - starting from wall hangings, posters, finishing with cushions and night lamps. I am inviting you today to visit this mystery world of space objects, perfectly designed for our nurseries!

Walls are usually the most visible in the room, so let's start our space journey with wall art and decor.

Fluffy cloud wall art by mellsva

Monochrome prints from MiniLearnersPosters

Cloud mobile from MinicampLT

Let's continue our journey with other beautiful creations:

Star shaped magic wand from GreenWoodLT

Ceramic cloud brooch by MadebyUgne

Felt storage basket by LittleCrazythings

Beautiful baby album by fortoddlers shop

Moon night lamp from AvangardBoutique

Wooden decor elements from DumontsHandicrafts 

Our journey is coming to an end, so let's finish it with fluffy and soft space objects!

Cloud, moon and star pillow set from CotandCot

Soft moon cushion from DeCoroLithuania

Star blanket from LinenWorld

Cloud pillow from AgnesFelt
Newborn photo prop cloud from wollybaby

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Universe locked in the ring - GeGuJewelry

by Gediminas from GeGuJewelry

Everybody wants to be pretty, everybody wants to be unique, and is there better thing to sparkle some joy on your days, than a shiny piece of jewelry? There's been jewellery found from 115,000 years ago, so you can imagine the types and shapes of adornments are available these days?

On this our weekly featured shop - Etsy seller Gediminas and small pieces of fantasy landscapes set in handcrafted jewelry.

When and how you started?

The whole inspiration and manufacturing process began about 1.5 years ago, when I saw these unique jewelry photos online. It interested me so much that I had to try and do it by my self, and as it turns out it was not a onetime thing, it became my passion and hobby.

What part of process do you like the most?

The most interesting and difficult part of the process for me is when I achieve the complete transparency of an object, whether it is a ring, a necklace or earrings. This creation of transparency through the resin shows me the fruits of my hard labor in making that particular piece. Difficult as achieving good transparency of resin can be quite a hard task, depending on multiple variables that can affect the process of polishing.

What kind of product you are making? How it's made? Tell us more about the materials. What is your favorite to make? And the hardest one?

I make various pieces od jewelry, whether it would be rings, necklaces, or earrings (going to add them soon) as well as thinking of branching out into furniture, such as tables, chairs and various others.

Your working team, supporters, helping hand?

For good or for worse, I work alone at the moment.

What are you proud of / reached goals?

I am most proud of my personal achievement in this site, dedication and patience allowed me to turn my hobby into my business. 

Future vision?

In the future I seek to continue my current venture, as well as expand into other possible markets, such as previously mentioned furniture construction using wood and resin technology.

Where do you get inspiration from?

First I got inspiration when I stumbled upon "Secret Wood", whereas they create jewelry, the beaty and the necessary wits to create such things enthralled me, and since I was already working with various wood constructions, it seemed to be natural progression to incorporate wood into something or have something incorporated into the wood.

Any notes to your customers?

Every piece I create is unique, although there may be similar ones, every piece has its own story to tell. The feeling of wood grands the feeling of closeness to nature and the spectacular visages of the enclosed small worlds inside fascinates by their mysteries. 

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Miniature World of Fairies - Lenas Mini Land

by Lena from LenasMiniLand

There's something about miniature things that make grown ups go a little bit crazy.
Dollhouse as a hobby become popular long time ago. Now there is a variation from traditional everyday objects made in classic 1:12 scale to new modern Monster doll home accessories.
On this our weekly featured shop we got to interview a skilled Etsy seller Lena to give us a glance what it's like to have a miniature creations shop.

When and how you started?
It all started two years ago, at a time I was falling in love with collectible dolls and miniature craft. I believe it’s not a game or a toy, it is a copy of our own lives, but in a smaller version.

What part of the process do you like the most?
Big and the favorite part of my work are personalized orders. I love to replicate actual size furniture into 4-6-12 times smaller original copy, same shape, and identical look.

What kind of product you are making? How it’s made? Tell us more about the materials. What is your favorite to make? And the hardest one?
At the beginning, I was only making wicker furniture. But as my craft was growing, more and more ideas came to my head. And now I can offer wicker, sewn, crocheted, knitted items, such as plants, flowers, clothes, lingerie, bed mats and pillows, wall hangings and food ... absolutely all things for dioramas (a model representing a scene with three-dimensional figures, either in miniature or as a large-scale museum exhibit). Oh, all in miniature, of course.

Your working team, supporters, helping hand?
I love my job and it does take a lot of time to run my Etsy shop, so I have to be smart incorporating my family. My husband helps me with packages and runs the parcels down to the post office. Kids are on quality control and help me to test my ideas. This way I save some time to spend with my family and get the job done!

What are you proud of / reached goals?
There’s one thing I really proud of. – my photography skills! I can say my photos are truly beautiful. There are areas to improve on, but customers are buying for my photos. That is a huge achievement for a woman, who knew nothing about the art of product photography before she started her business.

Future vision?
As for the future, I tend to live in the present, every dream or idea I get, I do not wait or hesitate, just do. There is one thing I haven’t tried yet, doll making, but it's just a question of time when I’ll add one more skill to my list.

Where do you get inspiration from? 
My inspiration comes from our life, nature, plants, and things in my environment. And my customers of course! I think it’s the best way to get inspired –it is to take in mind customer feedback and work on ideas from custom orders. The same way I started making Japanese hats for dolls, one of my customers asked if I could, so I learned the Japanese technique to make these hats from rye straws, them from paper. Now I have two types of Japanese hats available – sanadogasa and ichimegasa.

Any notes to your customers?
A little note to all my existing and future customers – please, buy more unique and one of a kind designs, because that is what I love to make!

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Living Coral PANTONE Color of the Year 2019

by Saulė from Troboje

Living Coral, also known as Pantone 16-1546, is a warm, peachy orange with a life-affirming golden undertone.

Vibrant, yet mellow, Living Coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and vividness. There's just something about the color that feels earthbound and welcoming, optimistic and intimate.

It is excellent for home decor and space design due to nurturing nature. No wonder corals provide shelter and food to countless species of marine wildlife.

Use it as a splash of optimism in your outfit or bathe in it’s playful lively presence from head to toes. 
Embrace a rich, joyful and comforting touch of  Living Coral  - the color of 2019.

Crochet Storage Baskets from ArtimaDecor
Silk Ribbon by SilkRibbonFlorentes
Oversized Linen Blouse at BVLifeStyle shop
Felted Wool Slippers by BureBureSlippers
Knitted Gloves at MalramBoutique
Linen Bow Tie by MenLau
Dinner Plates from zoharshaham shop
Coral and Gold Bud Vase at honeycombstudio
Nursery Dream Catcher by OrdinaryMommy
Pom Pom Decoration from minicampLT