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Mother's Day Gift Guide From Utena Region

Saulė from Troboje

Spring has already run high, each day new blooms lift their colorful heads up reaching to the sun, birds are greeting the world. It is time to appreciate our one and only, most devoted, loving, caring and best of the best - THE MOTHER - grandmother, godmother, stepmother, mother to be or any other lady, who plays a significant role in your life. A handful of Etsy sellers from Utena region met on a sunny Wednesday morning and came up with a fresh, spring inspired Mother’s Day gift guide. Fresh flowers and chocolate is always a safe game, but what about gifts that give that personal touch and is as unique as the recipient?

Here are some suggestions : 

Dress - SphinxDesignBoutique, felt flower brooch - BureBureSlippers,  pressed flower paper and card - ManoMonai ,
geometric candle - LessCandles, crochet basket and coasters - Troboje,  felt slippers - JurgaFeltLife,  natural wood coasters - Zwoodz

Felt butterfly and boots - JurgaFeltLife, sweater - KnittingmaniaStudio, handmade paper and pressed plant cards - ManoMonai, lavender sachets - RedPin,
geometric candles - LessCandles

Geometric candle - LessCandles, flower bird framed art and pressed flower wrapping paper - ManoMonai,
tiny soy wax candle - Troboje

Felt butterflies - JurgaFeltLife,  pressed fern framed - art - ManoMonai, fetl slippers - BureBureSlippers,
vintage handbag - EgleVintage, green coasters - Troboje

Dress - SphinxDesignBoutique, infinity scarf - KnittingmaniaStudio, gift bag, bird tag and pressed flower paper - ManoMonai, pin cushion - RedPin,
felt slippers - BureBureSlippers, geometric candle - LessCandles, wood slices - Zwoodz 

This year, Mother’s Day is on the 6th of May in Lithuania, 13th of May in the US, Canada, Australia and Germany and 27th of May in France.
Low on a budget? Made a gift yourself? What are your mother’s day plans and gift ideas? Comment down below!

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