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6 Ways To Warm Up Yourself (... Of Course, In A Stylish Way)

by Daiva from myfeltboots

Don't you just hate it when you're walking outside on a windy cool day and all you can do is teeth chattering? Or can’t get out of a warm bed on a nippy morning? It's easier to change your body temperature than environment temperature, isn’t it? Yeah! Absolutely.
You can simply protect yourself in a cold weather with these tips:
  1. Wear a hat. Stop losing heat from any surface that's exposed.
  2. Stuff your coat pockets with hand warmers.
  3. Wear the right winter boots. Your feet are one of the key points where heat can leave your body.
  4. Whether you're dressing up or going for comfort, wool or cotton sweater is one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe.
  5. Just walk faster. The extra blood flow from a faster heart rate will help keep your feet warm.
  6. Spice things up! Add some spices to your drinks and meal. Cinnamon, cayenne, ginger and cardamom will increase your body temperature.

Wool beanie hat by WoWool
Alpaca wool mittens from voolyvooly
Felt boots by myfeltboots
Oversized dress at ATUKO shop

Cashmere mix scarf by LavishStrings
Ingugu alpaca leggings 
Knitted leggings by ANNAMARIAANGELIKA
Quote coffee mug from LighthousePaper

Cable knit crew socks by PeonyandMossSocks
Scented cinnamon roll earrings by DecadentMini

Remember, coldness is also a state of mind, so train your mind to warm your body up. Think of something warm… like a cup of tasty cocoa, sunny beach, hot shower or cozy fireplace.

Totally relax your body when you are walking or sitting down in the cold. Your brain gets a signal and increases the level of blood flow around the body. Obviously, this is not advisable for long periods so go for warm felt boots and a woolen sweater. And yes, do not forget a stylish hat. See you on a chilly day!

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Featured shop: ByDomi

Time to upgrade your personal style and home decor!
On this weeks featured shop we like to introduce a colorful and fun ceramic shop ByDomi. And shop slogan says it all: Decorative ceramics made with exaggerated thoroughnes and it sure is! Vibrant colors and floral motives makes these ceramics truly outstanding.

"People who get to know me first through my ceramics are quite surprised to learn that I'm actually an IT engineer. I graduated from school as a humatarian student but made a U turn into computer science speciality. Growing as an IT specialist it was when I started feeling an urge to counterbalance it with my artistic side and find an equilibrium, because I've always felt I am two-fold, reasonable but at the same time illogical, meticulous but also hopelessly absent-minded" - says Domantė

She also added: "Ceramics is my current passion. While I first got acquainted with clay back in primary school, it was only over a decade later that I found myself fully and consciously enjoying it. So now when I'm finished testing user inter-faces, I happily switch to moulding troll-faces".

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Valentine's Gift Guide For Him

February is coming and this means that Valentine's day is almost here. And if you're looking for inspiration of gift ideas you are in the right place. Handmade gifts from Etsy are best ones to give!

We asked our lovely team members to give ideas for Valentine's gifts. So here it goes! Since it was so many lovely items we divided them to HIS and HERS posts.
From wall art to personalized family prints, from men accessories to simple yet sweet decorations for your office space.
So take a look and don't forget to share it with your friends.

Art print by MusesLT
House shoes by Woolenclogs
leather wallet card holder by CitySheepStore
Family drawing in a heart shape by MyMiniFam
fabric cufflinks by SkydraJewelryShop
Ceramic bird decoration by CeramicMagicStudio
Coffee mug by ArtbyAsta
Men necktie by AudraTextileStudio
Valentine's Day spoons by NormanteCeramic
Triangle clock "I Love You" by LuckyClickClock

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Handcrafted Reusables For Your Daily Routines

Saulė Troboje

You can find plastic and single-use item swaps for every room in your house and every area of daily life from rising a child, pet, home decor or gardening, all you need is a bit of research, check your local Zero waste groups, read blogs and be creative!

Plastic shopping bags to reusable ones is a really easy switch. The hardest part is remembering to bring them with you. Before you leave your house, ask yourself if you'll need a reusable bag. If you're on foot, look for a small foldable bag you can keep in your pocket or on your keychain. Reusable bags are for more than just groceries! Use them for all of your purchases from the pet store to the home improvement store.

The farmers market is the best way to avoid excess packaging. If you don't have access to a farmers market, you should bring your own produce bags and avoid prepackaged goods. It's very simple to sew your own or get one locally produced and support local business.

Paper towels can be replaced with rags or tea towels. Tissues can be replaced with handkerchiefs. Make better choices when it comes to toilet paper, buy rolls wrapped in paper, preferably unbleached.

Beeswax wraps and linen bags are excellent to store food or keep lunch, these do act like foil or cling wrap, but made from organic, compostable materials. You can use a silicone mat for lining your pans when baking at high temperatures well as freezing trays. There are so many uses for good dish towels, dusting, wiping, drying dishes, wrapping a sandwich to go!

With being a little more aware of your purchases and swapping out single-use products to reusables, you can reduce your waste by nearly 80%!

Linen storage basket by StitchAndSaga
Wooden salad serving spoons from urbanearthlovers
Reusable food wraps from Cerawrap
Washable kraft paper snack bag by Folkmee
Linen Waffle Towel Set from HomeyLinenLT
Linen shopping bag with pockets from LinenRain
Merino wool covers for cloth diapers by ResponsibleMother
Vegan leather gray storage baskets from CozyMozyHome
Makeup remover pads and a laundry bag from LinenForest
French market bag by DiBagsLT

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Featured shop: Musiu Muse

Pastels, glitter and soft wool.
If you ever wondered how princess slippers looks like, you should definitely visit MusiuMuse shop on Etsy. Theses cute and dreamlike footwear will leave you breathless. All made from wool for babies, little fancy girls and adult women by a mother of two Kotryna.

Visit shop -

"My husband has curly hair. My both daughters has curly hair... But I don't! So I just had to start working with something that would compensate this little misunderstanding :) Beautiful curly sheep...

Originally I am archaeologist and also worked as a restorer of archaeological artifacts (ancient wood and pottery) until I become a mom. Felting is ancient technique, so it perfectly fits to me. However, I do it in a modern way
" - says Kotryna.

"I create mostly indoor footwear made from pure wool. It suitable to wear at home or in the office. Wool has unique ability to control human temperature so it is great in almost all season of the year. My youngest clients can enjoy wearing tiny felted booties made from extra fine and soft merino wool. The bottom part of slipper and in some models front as well are covered with special purpose silicone rubber. It is durable, safe for babies (especially if they put in their mouth) but slightly slippy on wet surfaces, such as wet ceramic tiles. I'm still searching for best."

Don't forget to follow Musiu Muse on social media bellow:
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