2017 m. spalio 29 d., sekmadienis

Reasons to love rain. 10 things Sunday.

by Audra Zili from AudraTextileStudio

Autumn is half way through  and everyone knows what it's like to wake up in the morning with a sound of a monotonic melody played by the rain. And you know what's the first thing that comes to your mind: Oh, no!
... But stop right there... stop for a moment and forget all the negative things. Smile a little and prepare to read 10 reasons why you should love rain. 
Rainy Sunday is a legitimate reason not to hurry up. You have time to start your day with a wellness and care for  yourself and those around you. And there is little reason to spend time matching outfits. Stay cozy and comfortable – you are in your own home.

Now is the time for long breakfast, healthy and nicely served – you are worth only the best. After such a good start, take a minute to write a paper card to your Mom or friend, or to practice origami...or do a master class in crafts.

Look around your home. Maybe you want to change the order of your interior or create a special mood with lighting? At least do a walk. Waterproof yourself and your best friend and don‘t forget umbrella. This walk could became a wonderful adventure. Remember, you can't have a rainbow without a little rain. 
Don‘t forget this and smile!

Fine art photograph by VaidaPhoto
Unisex Orange City Raincoat by DucktailRaincoats

Paper flowers by popierita

Dog rain jacket by DogRaincoatsCiuCiu

Rainbow photo by MovingLines

2017 m. spalio 27 d., penktadienis

Day of Apple pie. DIY

by Agnė from Agnera 

It seems there is no person in the world who wouldn't like apple pie!  Someone loves pie with ice cream, someone's favorite is pie with hot homemade cacao or a lot of cinnamon... 

Today we prepared you tasty egg and flour free apple pie recipe.

You will need the following: 

- 2 kg of apples
- 15 tablespoon of sugar
- 15 tablespoon of semolina
-  slice of butter
- cinnamon


1. Preheat the oven 190°C degrees (or 374 °F)
2. Peel and grate apples.
3.  Mix 15 tablespoon of sugar with 15 tablespoon of semolina together.
4. Oil pie mold with butter and put 1-2 tablespoon of sugar-semolina mix to fill all surface. 
5. Put grated apples over all surface, then put sugar-semolina mix on the top. Repeat the same for 3-4 layers. It depends how much grated apples do you have. The final top of pie should be sugar-semolina mix. 
6. Put slices of butter on the final sugar-semolina mix. It will make crispy top. 
7. Place the pie into oven for 1 hour. It starts to get golden brown on the top and begins to firm up a bit. 

Tasty greetings from Lithuania Etsy Team!

Candles from MiLiCrafts
Miniature cookie pins from DzyDzy Design 

Polka dot linen towel from Linen Home shop

Mug from phOceramics

"Let's stay in bed" Quote print by MusesLt

Cup coaster  with real coffee beans from Agnera

Ceramic apple figurine from Cozy Home ideas

2017 m. spalio 26 d., ketvirtadienis

Our favorite picks for this years Halloween

By Migle from MiLiCrafts

Have you heard? Halloween is approaching!
The spookiest day of the year is coming soon to hunt you back! So you need to prepare yourself from all the witchcraft and monsters of the night. From mermaids to white witch, from table decorations with spiders to adorable pet costumes. When it's so little time left to prepare, here's our favorite trends and finds from crafty Etsy sellers.  
black tiara by offbeatstyleshop
Tulle cloak by wardrobebydulcinea / holographic glitter by coloronbeauty / magic wand by minicamplt / felted witch hat by zavesfelt

Birdcage viel by offbeatstyleshop / Halloween brooch by doviledollart / coffin inspired jewelry box by Grimuaras / skull jewelry by theartsofclay
porcelain bowl with insects by kinaceramics

Needle felted bat by feltedartanddolls / Black cat doll by adatine / creepy but cute bat doll by adelepo
Goddess wedding headpiece by rasaviljewelry
pumpkin cookie cutter  by imagineacookie

Halloween popcorn seasonings magic by allspiceemporium / black cat print towels by Linenhomeshop / halloween rolling pin by algiscrafts / crochet pumpkin cake toppers by yarnballstories / wooden spoon by knotknotoutfitters / witch hat cookie cutter by cookiecad

black linen napkins by rplinen / halloween potholders by cozyhomeideas / black linen napkin rings by linenbloomshop / modern matte black plate by missdishceramics

white skull candles by embercandleco

 Halloween dog bow tie by bournewildpetwear / orange Halloween witch hat for rabbits by healthynibbles

2017 m. spalio 24 d., antradienis

A modern-day doll maker

by Greta from dzydzydesign

Dictionary often describes dolls as a model of human or animal being often use as a toy for children. But it's actually a lot more then that don't you agree? Dolls has this special connect with a child, also a warm memory from childhood to an adult. Nowadays you can find all kind of dolls. From lavish porcelain dolls to recycled fabric ones. What make everyone of those dolls unique is the creator behind it. And everyone of them has a magical story to tell.

''My dolls are more than just a decoration, because everyone of them have a story to tell. I bring a unique tale in a little creature. Every costume, every lock of hair, every tiny detail is telling you how special and exclusive this art doll is'' -says Adelė from adelepo

Nursery plush doll by adelepo

fox doll by adelepo
nautical nursery doll by adelepo
"My first creation was a linnen teddy bear after welcoming my daugther. Teddy after teddy it slowly developed to a small business of mine. Everything I make is first and foremost dedicated to my kids. I make things that are warm, useful and especially designed according to needs of children." -says Ugnė from MadebyUgne

personalized rag doll by madebyugne
polka dot rag doll by madebyugne
blue and pink bunny doll by madebyugne

 "Creating dolls have always been a continuous creative process for me . It is an entryway into the miraculous world of childhood where anything is possible and the lines between stories and the real world are blurred . Each doll is a new fairy tale , a magical story full of fantasy and adventure! I imagine myself as the Father of Pinocchio who wanted to breathe life into his wooden puppet in the children's novel by Carlo Collodi . I do not use casting molds or a sewing machine ; everything in my shop is 100% made by hand" -says Dovilė from DovileDollart

Halloween doll mobile by doviledollart
one of a kind art doll by doviledollart
faitytale doll by doviledollart

"Joyful River is a tiny and cozy place in your child's imaginary world, where all his joyful friends live - spotted blue sheep, green elephants with heavenly blue ears and flowery owls, which get up in a midday and walk in the meadows. Just don't say there are no such animals. Of course, there are, just ask your child and let your imagination drift you to Joyful River" -says author from joyfulriver
Dog sailor doll by joyfulriver

Polar fox doll by joyfulriver

Raindrops fox doll by joyfulriver

"My work is inspired by nature, travel and my creative kids. I get inspiration from colors and textures. Each piece is a combination of all. I get excited when I work on something new and I cannot stop until it's finished. This passion to the fabric and yarn or for creation and transformation is my everyday companion." -says Jekaterina from Cicadeshop
swimmer doll brooch by cicadeshop
pocket doll by cicadeshop
mini travel doll by cicadeshop