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Gintare from Minicamplt

I have to admit that I always have to check the spelling of this hard-to-remember word (sorry, English is not my native). And I also have to admit that there is something about them, hedgehogs. These spiny mammals have so cute faces that no surprise people started adopting them as pets.

I believe there are more hedgehog lovers in the world, so I created this hedgehog friendly selection just for you! Enjoy! Or in other words... KEEP CALM and LOVE HEDGEHOGS

KEEP CALM print by VaidaPhoto

Desktop organizer by mielasiela

Black hedgehog mittens by MORETHANofficial

 Nursery wall art by Artmarketshop

 Stuffed Teddy bear by NeriAtelier

 Love hurts t-shirt by Spaudoza

Hedgehog friendly petbed by Minicamplt

Kids toy by Pumce

Another hedgehog bed by HomeSoulShop

 Lavender sachet by LapetiteAlice

 Nursery art by IlgiUsaiStudio

 A hedgehog saw by Adatine

Girls dress by BurbulasLithuania

Mug by VaidaPhoto

 Super creative hedgehog mask by Paperstatue

Notebook from NoraIllustration

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Featured Shop - Mielasiela

Ieva from Shades of Whimsy

No one doubts that the best things in this World are made with love. Etsy community is full of creative people, who love and enjoy what they do, and whose lovely hobby has grown into business. Today, I want to introduce one of them,  Mielasiela, who creates cute wooden toys for kids. And does this with pure love.

Mielasiela is a small family business. 'The creation of wooden toys was a natural process in our lives. Typically, our first daughter was the inspiration for Mielasiela. We wanted to create safe, ecological, natural and nice, long-lasting toys for her. Wood is perfect for all of those reasons.' - says Nora and Dainius, the couple of creators. They design, produce and test all the toys by themselves, so the toys are absolutely handmade and unique.

Their toys are cute and practical, such as teethers and rattles. Mielasiela also creates original home accessories from black alder wood, such as fridge magnets, tool holders, decorations and desktop organizes. And they have something special for Christmas too!

Every parent's desire is to ensure all the best to their children. That's way we are always searching for quality baby things. These wooden toys are absolutely safe and natural. They are very good choice for Your kids. And Your kids will undoubtedly enjoy them!

Visit Mielasiela: