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Featured shop - JurgaFeltLife

Simona from XO Stitch

We want you to introduce to one more etsy shop of the Lithuanian team, this time it's JurgaFeltLife. Here is short and amazing movie about shop owner Jurga's hobby that turned into her work.

About the beginning shop owner Jurga tells: my life as a feltmaker began when I became a mom. I fell in love with felt in 2008 when my first son turned 3 months old. The love grew bigger and bigger with every little thing I used to felt, with every piece of art I found in books and magazines. Before that I worked as an architect in a small company, later I understood I really need more freedom in my occupation, I wanted to see my children growing. I wanted to do what I really loved to. This was working with textile. This was felting.

My very first felt craft was a pair of red slippers for myself: much better than I could have imagined. Afterwards there was a bag with flying little butterflies, slippers for my family and handbags for friends. Step by step I discovered more and more about this old and amazing craft.

In all of Jurga's works there are a feeling of nature. When we asked her about creation space, Jurga told us about it: we live near a forest and a lake surrounded by wild meadows in summer and magnificent snowdrifts in wintertime with only a few neighbours in the distance.

I work at home. In the midst of beautiful nature I feel so free and creative. I can't imagine myself working alone. Kids, my little assistants, are running around and are always willing to advise me on the selection of colours. My husband is also there with his free sense of art and brilliant ideas. He is my number one quality controller. I love working at home where I can feel free and comfortable.
Vizit JurgaFeltLife:

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My man is a coffee lover. Gift guide

By Asta from ArtbyAsta

It's always so hard to choose a gift for your man. How you choose a gift for him? I am always looking for new ideas related with his hobbies. I can totally agree that my husband is a BIG coffee fan. We already have many coffee tools at home like: coffee mugs, all coffee preparations tools, different taste fresh roasted coffee beans and even growing a decorative coffee tree! What else I can offer for my love?

It is much more than kitchen’s decorations. Look at these coffee bean coaster set by Agnera

We never tried cocoa butter bar. I guess it is already a right time to get it!

I have found perfect colors combinations of the towels for our new kitchen. Linen tea towels are always useful at the place where we are preparing coffee.
It is never enough coffee cups at our home (sorry, I already broken one this year). So one more coffee
mug is always a great gift idea. Artbyasta shop has many coffee lovers’ mugs.

While he is a big chemex fan, I could order an awesome T-shirt for him from LeahOwenArt shop
“Hello handsome” is a phrase I want to tell for him every morning. This vintage silverware spoon is hand stamped with these words.

This is an original handmade soy candle in a mini espresso coffee cup. I already know that we will have hygge Sunday afternoons with these candles.

I am always looking for new things for the home. If I choose something related with coffee, it could be coffee pillow from Hillary’s shop named HillaryMasonDesigns

I love these hand knitted warm and cozy socks from Wool home shop
( ) for my husband. Their color remind me a cup of cappuccino

... and the biggest gift idea could a be a HUGE one! Handmade coffee table from


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FREE cross stitch pattern. Lietuva

By Simona from XOstitch

Etsy Lithuania team is Celebrating 100years of restored Lithuania on February 16th. And has a wonderful gift for you all. 
Our teammate Simona is a true cross stitch embroidery enthusiast and created this sweet Lithuanian pattern. To celebrate this inspiring day we ask you to make this pattern and decorate you home

Download the pattern here: download

Download the pattern here: download

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Obsessing Over: Miniatures

By Simona from XOstitch

It's something about  miniatures that make grown ups, a little bit crazy. Don't you agree? And to be honest, it's no surprise. The idea of having your favorite food, furniture or runway clothing in miniature scale sure brings many smiles. Ever since the 18th century miniature making became a popular hobby and dollhouse filled with many unique miniatures became a must in many household.

So if you also go a little bit crazy for tiny things, this gift guide is just for!

Miniature house by PrettyModels

Little Ballerina by Hobbitbags

Needle felted squirrel by DaliaNerijusFelt

1:12 Scale Printable book covers by Karolija

Miniature cafe drink by Beadspage

Miniature linen doll by  CicadeShop
Miniature croissants by KikuchiForest

Miniature violet plant by WickerHandmade

Vintage dollhouse size wooden piano by GypsyGoatKids

MH doll apparel by Medeina

Miniature clock for doll house by LavenderBelleMinis

Tank dress for curvy Barbie my KuklaFashion

Dollhouse push car toy by Pictoso

Miniature wooden house by MiniFanaberia

Miniature dollhouse room in a box by LaSkut

Waldorf style wooden dolls by Zooble