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Obsessing Over: Miniatures

By Simona from XOstitch

It's something about  miniatures that make grown ups, a little bit crazy. Don't you agree? And to be honest, it's no surprise. The idea of having your favorite food, furniture or runway clothing in miniature scale sure brings many smiles. Ever since the 18th century miniature making became a popular hobby and dollhouse filled with many unique miniatures became a must in many household.

So if you also go a little bit crazy for tiny things, this gift guide is just for!

Miniature house by PrettyModels

Little Ballerina by Hobbitbags

Needle felted squirrel by DaliaNerijusFelt

1:12 Scale Printable book covers by Karolija

Miniature cafe drink by Beadspage

Miniature linen doll by  CicadeShop
Miniature croissants by KikuchiForest

Miniature violet plant by WickerHandmade

Vintage dollhouse size wooden piano by GypsyGoatKids

MH doll apparel by Medeina

Miniature clock for doll house by LavenderBelleMinis

Tank dress for curvy Barbie my KuklaFashion

Dollhouse push car toy by Pictoso

Miniature wooden house by MiniFanaberia

Miniature dollhouse room in a box by LaSkut

Waldorf style wooden dolls by Zooble

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