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FREE cross stitch pattern. Easter

By Simona from XOstitch

Have heard that? Easter bunnies are coming soon! Hop Hop Hop! This means only one thing, Easter celebration is almost here. So it's the perfect time to decorate your home and start thinking about all the preparations.
Our teammate Simona from XOstitch created this cheerful pattern for you all to make. So grab your stitching materials and  make these last days till Easter festive, with this cross stitch project!

Download the pattern here: download

Download the pattern here: download

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Catching fluffy Easter bunnies

Created by Tekle from CatsandIllustrations

We all in the childhood had at least one plush toy. Mostly teddy bear. and I don't know how about you, but I had one the favorite toy. Or maybe few favorites. They were best buddies, secrets keepers, travel friends and all in one soft cute toy. And it's not a secret that all plush toys are alive. Especially at night. 
  But even now I am adulthood, I still believe they are alive and every time I see cute plush toy I want one.  
But today is not about teddy bears, today is everything about cute bunnies. Because soon will be Easter and everything now about rabbits. I went to Etsy to look for interesting plushy rabbit toys. And I found them! But It was so hard to choose.... so many and everyone of them are wonderful. But still I caught 14 rabbits. 

Here they are, take a look.
Which one you like the best? or maybe you already caught your Easter plushy bunny?

Wool felted bunny by forestmisha
Velvet Easter bunny by adelepo
Pastel bunny by PUMCE
Abstract stuffed bunny by debesy
Little linen rabbit by forestfeeling
The spring rabbit by adatine
Long eared bunny by OhDearBear
rabbit ballerina toy by LightLookFashion
Knitted rabbits by RabbityStories
Artist teddy bunny by Lorlilateddy
Cute couple bunny by Urbiai
Linen rabbit by ReskaForKids
Linen bunnies by ZacheeDesign
Rattle bunny toy by MadeByUgne

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DIY Easter Egg Candles

Created by Asta from LessCandles

Easter is coming soon and to keep the wait more exiting here's a fun DIY for you and your family to make! Make your own Easter gifts. These colorful candles will be the star of your dinning table.
So gather all your supplies and dig in something truly amazing.

You will need:
1. This kit - available here
2. 10 Empty egg shells, about half of eggshell.
3. Pot for water boiling.
4. Some small metal pots, it could be used and cuted cans.
5. Metal spoon.
6. Cooker.
1. Save your cracked in half eggs from your last meal. Wash the eggshells and let them
dry completely.
Note: Be sure to wash your hands throughout whenever handling raw eggs.
2. Place dried eggshells into an egg carton.

3. Place the wax in the smaller inner pan of the double boiler and let it melt over a medium
heat. I use small metal pot, also it could be used and cuted cans. Don’t leave it unattended
as it’s flamable.
4. When the wax is melted, place a spoonful of the wax at the bottom of eggshell and
insert in the wick.
I use usual metal spoon, after the use just wash it with hot water.
5. Then the wax around the wick hardens, pour in the rest of the hot wax., filling the
eggshell about halfway. Wick must be left about 1cm (0,4 inches) unfilled. If you fill too
much wax the candle could have too small light. Let them sit in the egg carton until they
were hard and cool.

6. When the wax cools and hardens, you will have a beautiful centerpiece, perfect for
lighting up the holiday table. Best way for burning is to use egg holders, burning time about
4 hours.

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Featured shop - Off Beat Style Shop

Ieva from Shades of Whimsy

Brides usually choose to wear all white and romantic. But who told that they must do that? Don't listen for superstitions! The best you can do on Your Big Day is to be yourself as you meant to be. That will help you to be relaxed and feel great. And what else could guarantee charming smile and shiny eyes all day?

Offbeatstyleshop offers something special for the brides who want to emphasize their own unconventional and unusual style on their wedding day.

Shop owner Vaida says: 'I make unique bridal accessories, veils and hairpieces for people not following the standard beat. For the ones with their own unique and original taste, for the free alternative souls that are daring and bold enough to wear a jaw dropping black veil on their big day, or to wow passersby with a midnight black tiara. Always wear your invisible crown, and there is certainly a crown for everyone.'

Offbeatstyleshop offers wide range of alternative bridal hairpieces. Black color is dominant and both with floral elements it creates stunning goth look. Also chokers - nostalgic allusion to 90's and grunge. And, of course all those spectacular capes and veils.

For the creator, this shop is natural combination of her personality and professional experience. 'I have been making bridal accessories for years now and I do have another store here on Etsy for traditional brides, but my souls essence ultimately is with alternative fashion and jewelry.' - says Vaida. Her other wedding accessories shop for traditional brides is here.

Visit Offbeatstyleshop:

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10 Things Sunday. Easter Gift Guide

By Greta from dzydzydesign

Bold and bright colors, fun ornaments and lots of greenery. Spring is finally starting to bloom.
And do you know  what else starts soon?
That's right, Easter! Easter is coming to everyone's home just in tree weeks. And what's a better way to spend this colorful celebration, than with family and friends.
Presenting you today a little inspiration for your holiday table and home decorations. And if you hurry up, you might get them in time just before the bunnies arrive.

Easter celebration dress by HipMomMade

Set of linen table napkins by Alabatis

Easter egg candles by LessCandles

Easter earrings by MaziDalykaiCeramics

Woolen egg decorations by Vart
Easter basket by RedPin

Grey linen tablecloth by CozyLinen

Easter eggs decoration by Kaleda

Needle felted bunnies by DaliaNerijusFelt
Easter decorations by FauxandLeather

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Feminin Collection for the March 8

Kotryna from musių-musė

Be brave, be united, do what you like, work what you love. Think what you want, speak up if you feel you need it. Wear what you feel comfortable with or opposite - enormous uncomfortable,  that's you body. Pink is your color and all the other all too. Be free in minds and choices.

Here is collection for a very special Women's Day - March 8

Swimmer Brooch by CicadeShop

Vagina Brooch by woolloom

Brave Girl by krize

Beaded Apple Brooch by WhimsyShades

Black Wedding Dress by saragambarelli

Feminist Brooch by PrettyUglyEU

Rebirth of Cat Lady Venus  print set by CATSandillustrations

The Future is Female art print by LittlebyLupin

Breastfeeding Supporter Token Keyring by MeandNoo

Frida Cross Stitch Pattern by MODERNCrossStitchArt

Tampon in a Teacup by LindsayHeartsLA

Feminist Uterus Sticker by LittleWomanGoods