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Catching fluffy Easter bunnies

Created by Tekle from CatsandIllustrations

We all in the childhood had at least one plush toy. Mostly teddy bear. and I don't know how about you, but I had one the favorite toy. Or maybe few favorites. They were best buddies, secrets keepers, travel friends and all in one soft cute toy. And it's not a secret that all plush toys are alive. Especially at night. 
  But even now I am adulthood, I still believe they are alive and every time I see cute plush toy I want one.  
But today is not about teddy bears, today is everything about cute bunnies. Because soon will be Easter and everything now about rabbits. I went to Etsy to look for interesting plushy rabbit toys. And I found them! But It was so hard to choose.... so many and everyone of them are wonderful. But still I caught 14 rabbits. 

Here they are, take a look.
Which one you like the best? or maybe you already caught your Easter plushy bunny?

Wool felted bunny by forestmisha
Velvet Easter bunny by adelepo
Pastel bunny by PUMCE
Abstract stuffed bunny by debesy
Little linen rabbit by forestfeeling
The spring rabbit by adatine
Long eared bunny by OhDearBear
rabbit ballerina toy by LightLookFashion
Knitted rabbits by RabbityStories
Artist teddy bunny by Lorlilateddy
Cute couple bunny by Urbiai
Linen rabbit by ReskaForKids
Linen bunnies by ZacheeDesign
Rattle bunny toy by MadeByUgne

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