2017 m. spalio 8 d., sekmadienis

Urban Life. 10 things Sunday

Hello everyone!
It's a rainy Sunday today here in Lithuania. A little bit cold and moody, but that's just Autumn weather. Living in a city you have to keep up with all kinds of temperatures and unexpected rains from time to time. So here's our "10 things Sunday" rainy urban life addition.

First of, we're going to start whit clothing. Because as they say There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes”. So there's nothing better like a cool lookin' raincoat and some cozy knits to wear in Autumn. Also, you are going to need all the urban life essentials like leather bag, tote bag, wallet,  and in the weather like this don't forget your umbrella.

Rainy day cloud studs by CaramelaHandmade

Transparent PVC raincoat by LeMoutonBlueShop

Brown leather backpack by DingoM
White Knitted winter dress by Atuko
Cloud earrings by SolveigaGutauteArt
Linen Tote bag by LinenisLove
Hand drawn socks by Handdrawnworld

Unisex Green City Raincoat by Ducktailraincoats

Leather coin pouch by KeepanEyeLeather
Leather iPad case by CrazyHorseCraftCom

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