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Universe locked in the ring - GeGuJewelry

by Gediminas from GeGuJewelry

Everybody wants to be pretty, everybody wants to be unique, and is there better thing to sparkle some joy on your days, than a shiny piece of jewelry? There's been jewellery found from 115,000 years ago, so you can imagine the types and shapes of adornments are available these days?

On this our weekly featured shop - Etsy seller Gediminas and small pieces of fantasy landscapes set in handcrafted jewelry.

When and how you started?

The whole inspiration and manufacturing process began about 1.5 years ago, when I saw these unique jewelry photos online. It interested me so much that I had to try and do it by my self, and as it turns out it was not a onetime thing, it became my passion and hobby.

What part of process do you like the most?

The most interesting and difficult part of the process for me is when I achieve the complete transparency of an object, whether it is a ring, a necklace or earrings. This creation of transparency through the resin shows me the fruits of my hard labor in making that particular piece. Difficult as achieving good transparency of resin can be quite a hard task, depending on multiple variables that can affect the process of polishing.

What kind of product you are making? How it's made? Tell us more about the materials. What is your favorite to make? And the hardest one?

I make various pieces od jewelry, whether it would be rings, necklaces, or earrings (going to add them soon) as well as thinking of branching out into furniture, such as tables, chairs and various others.

Your working team, supporters, helping hand?

For good or for worse, I work alone at the moment.

What are you proud of / reached goals?

I am most proud of my personal achievement in this site, dedication and patience allowed me to turn my hobby into my business. 

Future vision?

In the future I seek to continue my current venture, as well as expand into other possible markets, such as previously mentioned furniture construction using wood and resin technology.

Where do you get inspiration from?

First I got inspiration when I stumbled upon "Secret Wood", whereas they create jewelry, the beaty and the necessary wits to create such things enthralled me, and since I was already working with various wood constructions, it seemed to be natural progression to incorporate wood into something or have something incorporated into the wood.

Any notes to your customers?

Every piece I create is unique, although there may be similar ones, every piece has its own story to tell. The feeling of wood grands the feeling of closeness to nature and the spectacular visages of the enclosed small worlds inside fascinates by their mysteries. 

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