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Featured shop - PhotoDido

By Solveiga from SolveigaGutauteArt

When it comes to wall art, we all search for something unique, something outstanding and personalized.. At first we are not quite sure what we are looking for, but the moment we see it we know - this is it!

PhotoDito was found by two artists: Sandra and Gedimina. "We were a teacher and a student once, now - colleagues. Sandra was studying in Lithuanian Accademy of Cinema and Theater and graduated from Animated Visual Arts. Geda is a professional photographer and graduate of Vilnius Art Academy.
Once we found out we both like unusual playful ideas, we started creating together. The creative process inspires us and gives a lot of joy!"

The manager of the shop is Gedimina, the photographer. She is not satisfied only with a shoot, she is the constant seeker for the forms. As the author herself explains, she experiments until the idea is realized. She has found the perfect authentic expression for the ethno style for the contemporary home. The Frames-window shutters reminds of old huts where our grandmothers had lived. The dolls which were played by mothers and aunts. The merry-go-rounds which were ridden by fathers and neighbor children.

 The frames-windows were created when admiring ancient Lithuanian wooden architecture. Its decoration, ornaments and carvings are the starting point for interpretations, inserting into them the details from the other European and Asian countries. The frames, made of wood and plywood, colored and painted by hand, are like the game - one can open or close the shutters whenever one wishes or you can say joking that it is the way to hide your dearest memories from the bad eye.

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Hanging small window has attached mini doors- window shutters- you can open them or close- depending on a mood. We are inspired in ancient wooden architecture- patterns of carved ornaments come from Lithuanian and other countries historical buildings.

By hanging this miniature window, you will create a fairy-tale at home. You will be able to open the door to the past- the frame perfectly fits for an old memories!

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