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Featured Shop: LeMuse

By Ieva from Shades of Whimsy

Have you ever had a dress or a sweater that is so comfortable to wear that you don't want to take it off? Lithuania based brand LeMuse is the kind of creators that gives this wonderful feeling for you.

About the beginning creator Lina tells: 'It all started with the fabric… I bought a wonderful cloth. It was so cozy and beautiful, that I didn’t need to do much with it. I started to drape it in different ways and I’ve noticed that it falls in wonderful waves. Every time I moved, it changed and curved adapting to the lines of my steps and gestures. I kept on wondering how could I catch those curves and flux of the fabric… Well, I believe I did it. And that’s how LeMuse was born.'

LeMuse creates and sells extremely feminine and pleasant to wear women's clothing made from natural materials. Some models are transformative and can be worn in more than one way. A typical feature is asymmetry.

'For me was very important to show person charisma. How to create design which will show the nicest parts of the body and to hide what should be hidden. So I’m trying to do it till now creating the designs. The clothes you are wearing will not influence you, and can inspire you to show all your perfect inside.' - says Lina.

Visit LeMuse:

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