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Featured shop: PhoCeramics

"My fear of growing up, attraction to nature and all living things pushed me to create this paradigm of animated ceramic world, stuck between functionality and art, a mug and a sculpture, fragility and beauty. With my work I aim to brighten some people’s livelihood, inspire through every day things. " 

 And who could disagree. Looking in Etsy seller Pho Ceramics shop you'll find this sweet and magical world that instantly boots your mood. Colorful dinos, hippos and even unicorns all made to be coffee mugs and bowls. Handmade and painted unique ceramic mug is perfect not only for tea or coffee. It can also be useful as a small bowl for serving mash, yogurt, nuts, sugar or any other small snacks. The cup can perform like home decor as well.

 "Every Pho animal is formed by hand, a never stopping process leaves only the concept constant – a mug or a bowl with a function. One of the biggest point of attraction and a source of life is their eyes – I paint them with a small brush using under-glaze paint.

The process is definitely not short, with the multiple 24-hour firings in the kiln, glazing, painting, gold or silver plating. Most often the final product takes up to a couple of weeks to finish, but what comes out of it makes all this so worth it. " says Audronė, author behind the brand Pho Ceramics.

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Photographs courtesy of Pho Ceramics


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