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Featured Shop - Myminifam

Ieva from Shades of Whimsy

We live in the time, where we can buy anything ever imagined and more. But by the time we need something, we tend to get lost among so many choices. Especially, when the one has everything already. Thousands of goods in supermarkets, but nothing so special. Do you know that feeling? Myminifam offers something very different and unique in such cases.

They create personalized wooden dolls and family portraits in very distinctive and original style.

This is what shop owner Aleksandra says about her idea: 'First, I created the mini versions of our own and our friends families and then… Something magical happened! When our children saw the families and talked about their similarities with the real people, they started playing and mimicking the behavior and relationships within the real families while playing. Quickly all family members became engrossed in this game. Digging deeper I realized that it is easier for children to talk about their feelings, emotions, and fears using dolls. This was not just a simple game. Inspiration overwhelmed me. I wanted to tell and show everyone this creation. It was important for me, as a designer, that the figures would be not only an excellent toy, but also a modern accessory in the interior of a young progressive family. After that, I realized that a really nice gift for all families would be personalized family portraits-posters. And they also could be a modern interior detail in kids room, living room or even your bedroom.'

The figures are fully handmade. Family portraits are created from photos. By ordering this unique creations you can decorate your home in unusual and very intimate way. You can also cheer somebody up by presenting the unique gift for special occasion. The figures and portraits are similar to real people, but they are created in very unique manner, that resembles Scandinavian minimalism and art naive a bit. Even your pet can be captured in wood figure.

And that magic of warmth and love that mantles handmade items. No one in the World will ever have the same piece!

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