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All things natural for first brides night

by Rima from PureLinenPajamas

So you get away from your beautiful wedding party to have romantic time on your own and celebrate special occasion in private. You and your new husband head up to your room. And of course you understand that brides look so amazing in wedding morning and after wedding party only in movies, for us living in real life we need some updates to be ready for evening in candle lit up room together with your husband. And how perfect it would be to have brides “first aid” box full of natural equipment that would help us to get rid of all party evidences and become relaxed and happy fairies just in few minutes.
Bride Survival Kit Box by ForgetMeKnotWed
I did some research on Etsy, and let me tell you that its possible. Check what I found to put in this aid box.
First off all lets put your wedding dress on personalized wedding hanger and wipe away your happy tears to embroidered lace wedding handkerchief:
Personalized wedding hanger by ecklace

Lace Wedding handkerchief by HeirloomGarterCo

Make sweet hot tea into your personalized mug. Finally comb your hair with personalized wood paddle hair brush. This natural bamboo personalized wood paddle hair brush is extremely comfortable and easily glides through any thickness of hair while giving a gentle massaging of the scalp. It will be a relax for your head you will need that special night.
Personalized mug by PrintableSky
Large personalized wood paddle hair brush by donebetter

Get your 100% brushed cotton canvas wedding makeup bag with all your after party essentials and head up to the bathroom. In your personalized L size makeup bag should fit few organic super powerfull things. First one is vegan shower gel. Lather yourself up in the shower or the tub with our sweet smelling shower gel, then dry yourself off, and layer on your matching body butter. Then, when you're slippery like a little seal, you can dab on your perfume too - and those fragrance layers will last you all day. These shower gels are vegan, cruelty free and only tested on willing human victims - so you can have a guilt free shower any time you like.
Big personolised wedding make up bag by RedLeaderUK
Vegan shower gel by Fairypants

Second - organic whipped magnesium body butter is rich and never greasy, it glides effortlessly onto skin and soaks in quickly- leaving skin hydrated and happy for hours! No synthetics, dyes, preservatives. This organic body butter hydrates and soothes dry skin and provides a natural boost of this essential mineral, sourced from the ancient Zechstein seabed in The Netherlands. Your energy will be back immediately.

Magnesium Body Butter by MeadowlarkBotanical
                 Third - natural Cream Blush for cheeks, eyes, or lips – you will need it after long day with makeup on face. Organic mango butter, organic rose-hip oil and organic jojoba oil will pamper your complexion. With a super creamy soft texture for buildable, blendable, natural color. You can use this on you lips or eyelids and of course your cheeks too!
 Natural Cream Blush by  RainwaterBotanicals
And last but not leest important - long-lasting organic dry skin cream is super thick and has extraordinary moisturizing features. It contains all natural organic luxurious ingredients, that make this product very special and worth trying. Kpangnan butter is one the best skin moisturizing materials on earth, so if you need something very special for your sensitive skin care, try this whipped cream.
 Organic dry skin cream by NaturistaSkinCare
After bath dry your body in linen towel, wrap your hair into pure linen hair turban, put on your handmade linen night dress with mandala painted in eco ink and cover yourself in laced linen bath robe.
Linen towels by LinenLifeIdeas
Linen hair turban by  pureWHITEspa
Linen night dress with mandala by PureLinenPajamas
Linen bath robe by LGlinen
 Here you are – relaxed, fresh and ready to dive into your earlier (hopefully) prepared super cosy linen bed tale together with your husband.

Linen bed valance with ruffles by VelvetValley
Linen bed sheet set with pillowcases by MagicLinen
Linen ruffled duvet cover by nurdanceyi

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