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Magical Fern Flower

Saulė from Troboje

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There is the myth in Baltic mythology about a magic flower of fern which supposed to appear only on the night from 23rd to 24th of June during the celebration of the summer solstice which is called Rasos or Joninės (western St. John’s day).
As Lithuania is located in the north, the night of St. John’s is so short, that as soon as the last lights of the day fade in the west, the sky in the east brightens up with the dawn. This night is filled with magic, rituals and omen.
An ancient belief says that the Rasos is the only time of the year when ferns bloom. The flower brings prosperity, a fortune to the person who finds it. In various versions of the tale, the fern flower brings luck, wealth, the ability to understand animal speech to whoever finds it.
Traditionally on that night, young and old alike go out to search for magical herbs and especially the magical fern flower.
Young ladies, wearing floral crowns, are the first to enter the forest followed by young men. The seek of herbs and the fern flower may lead to the blooming of relationships between the couples.
Girls float wreaths of flowers lit with candles in rivers to gain foresight into their relationship. Men try to capture the wreaths, hoping to gain the interest of the lady who floated the wreath. On the night of Rasos, youth jumps over the bonfires to test a bravery and faith. Jumping the flames while holding hands tests the strength of relationship of the coupe.
In fact, ferns are not flowering plants so the search might take a while, to save time and avoid tripping over in the dark forest, have a look at the list of suggested products to brighten your day, add some mystic and ancient feel to the Rasos celebration.

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