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Sunny Autumn Morning + Apple Candleholder D.I.Y.

Saule Troboje

It was windy and the sky was sprinkling fine water droplets, we couldn't believe, that Autumn is going hand in hand with the calendar... By the time we gathered all together, sky went clear and the sun came out just for a perfect day in the country side. We were meeting for a casual, but not that frequent Etsy Lithuania team meeting at a gorgeous house surrounded by forest not too far from Molėtai town.
Our hostess Jurga harvested pumpkins, leafy greens for a soup and some freshly picked mushrooms from the forest near by. Naturally it all became a part of arrangements, including snacks, coffee mugs and of course our handcrafted items. While chatting, laughing, sipping coffee, talking some important stuff we managed to take some vibrant seasonal pictures and tried a simple D.I.Y ideal for setting an Autumn inspired table.

Fresh apple candle holders are great idea to decorate fall or thanksgiving table, looks cute and so easy to make!
All you need is apples, vegetable peeler and candles.
Place apples on flat surface and measure diameter of your candle.
Cut out the shape of the candle and dig out the apple so that the candle will fit nicely inside. You can brush some lemon juice on the apple (especially the edges)to help prevent it from going brown.
Set it on your festive table, lit up and enjoy! (follow c
andle burning instructions and fire safety as well...) 
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