2017 m. lapkričio 25 d., šeštadienis

Polka Dot.10 things Sunday

 Tekle from Catsandillustrations

Did you know that polka dot become a massive fashion trend every five years?
And 2017 is the year of polka dot trend are back! But I think dots like stripes, or black color is a classic. So you always can be right to choosing dots. They fits to everything from cute item for children to a man’s suit. 
Make your life a little bit playful and choose polka dot!

Here are 10 cute doted objects from the Lithuanian Etsy team crafters.

Ceramic bow by ernestasCeramics

Handmade high heals by BurbulasLithuania

Winter sweater by mantaikotai

Handmade cotton bag by HomeIsDesign

Mens suit by MaplePropeller

Christmas bird decoration by CozyHomeIdeas

felted slippers by AureliaFeltStudio

matching mommy and daughter dresses by OffOn 

portable doll house by CicadeShop

linen baby play mat by CotandCot

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